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Ellis Chiropractic is dedicated to delivering the absolute best care for our patients.  On your first visit, you can expect to be given a complete chiropractic examination which assists the doctor of chiropractic in determining the best course of action for your condition. If it is determined that chiropractic can help, you will begin to receive adjustments of your spine and other joints to restore lost motion. 

Research continues to prove that chiropractic manipulation is safe, effective and has high levels of patient satisfaction. In 1994, the U.S. Agency for Health Care Policy deemed chiropractic manipulation as the gold standard for treating low back pain. Research continues to support the effectiveness of chiropractic care for low back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and other common conditions.

With over 38 years of experience, it is no surprise that patients continue to be treated with the top level of care and attention that they desire. To begin your consultation and examination, please feel free to call 603-767-6495.


Dr. Ellis uses a variety of techniques to best assist the patient.

These techniques include:

  • Diversified

  • Gonstead

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